Zero Carbon Farms Ltd T/A Growing Underground

Where you'll find us:
London, London, United Kingdom - SW4 7TD
Company Size:
49 Employees
Who We Are:
"A cutting edge AgTech company that builds and operates Controlled Environment Farms, providing a future-proof and sustainable solution for growing.
Their farms offer an innovative, technologically-driven approach to growing which don’t require any pesticide or other nasty chemicals. Using their proprietary data to control the growing environment, ensuring that every day is the perfect summer’s day. As a result, their farms are significantly more productive per square metre than traditional farming, which enables more growth in less space, less time, and uses up to 90% less water.
Operating within dense urban areas brings down the food miles and in turn reduces both food waste and carbon footprint. In fact, all of their farms operate on 100% renewable energy and are certified net carbon-negative so it does not have a harmful impact on the environment.
Clapham, London, is their first working farm in a disused air-raid shelter some 33 metres underground. They have been supplying retail and restaurants for the past five years. Their expanded capacity to reach this milestone required necessary technical, biosecurity and HR improvements to become BRC, Red Tractor and Field to Fork certified. Zero Carbon Farms stock many of the UK’s major retailers."
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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