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We’re Tesel. We’re here to help you benefit commercially from ESG by finding people to assess how sustainable you are, helping you make improvements where you need to, and letting like-minded partners know about the great stuff you’re doing. And if you’re a big business, we’ve saved you time by finding the right people to partner with at every stage of your supply chain, who are on the same ESG journey as you. It’s not that scary after all.

How it all began

Our CEO was selling car fragrances when some of her biggest customers started asking her to fill out ESG forms. 

She was keen to prove she was doing things sustainably, but the assessments felt big, scary and complicated.

I turned out she wasn’t the only small business owner who felt that way, so she decided to decode the acronyms, demystify the measurements and make the world of ESG a simpler, friendlier place, so other small businesses can have the success they deserve.

Our values

Encouraging and community driven

We want to encourage all businesses to improve wherever they can, without being judgemental. Our goal is to create an inclusive network of people with similar social and environmental ideals.

Approachable and transparent

We want to make Tesel a trustworthy, credible place to be, by being open and honest about everything we do - and having a nice time while we’re at it.

Agile and innovative

We might be the new kids on the block, but our team’s got tonnes of experience and is ready to tackle new obstacles and challenges. We take a flexible and creative approach to our work, to make B2B matchmaking a smoother, more enjoyable process for everyone.

Looking to the future

We’re working hard to put innovative tracking technology, assessments, consultations, information and the odd message of encouragement in one place, to help you stay on top of things and stay ahead. In fact, we’ll do most of the work for you. You’re busy people, after all. We’re rooting for you.

Take the first step, we dare you

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