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London,City of London,United Kingdom - EC3A 4AF
Mobile Applications
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999 Employees
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"Yoti is a digital identity company that makes it safer for people to prove who they are. We started by creating a secure Digital ID app which gives people a safer and instant way to prove their identity, with no need to show ID documents or share an excessive amount of personal data. Yoti now provides verification solutions across the globe, spanning identity verification, age verification, age estimation, eSigning and authentication.
We’re committed to making the digital world safer for everyone. Our seven ethical principles guide us in everything we do and we’re held accountable by our Guardian Council. With an award-winning social purpose strategy, we’re always looking for new ways to explore what (digital) identity means globally. The journey isn’t one we’re making alone, but with the help of policy advisers, think tanks, researchers, humanitarian bodies and everyday people."
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What are we doing:
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