xigxag Limited

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Gunnislake,Cornwall,United Kingdom-PL18 9AX
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9 Employees
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"xigxag's mission is to shape the future of books to make reading more accessible, more engaging, easier and sustainable.

The x-book is xigxag’s exclusive listen-and-read concept, incorporating the best of the audiobook and ebook in one amazing integrated format. x-book technology enables a load of brilliant new features for listeners: the ability to see illustrations, see the structure of the dialogue, look up words, search for something you missed or want to hear again, switch to reading, or read along. the xigxag app helps proficient readers enjoy books and helps those who struggle with reading to enjoy books independently for the first time.

xigxag offers competitively priced per-title pricing without a commitment. They reward customers for listening more, and free them from the pressure of inflexible monthly subscriptions.

xigxag is an award-winning, independent business based in Cornwall."
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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