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Goring-by-Sea,West Sussex,United Kingdom - BN12 4QY
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999 Employees
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"World of Books Group is a leading global seller of used books online. Leading the way to a circular economy, the brand is a for profit business that supports charities and protects the planet by enabling more goods to be reused.

World of Books Group is comprised of Wob, Ziffit, and Shopiago, each supported by their own technology.

Established by a group of dedicated book lovers, with an ethos to do good, they are pioneers in the re-use and recycling of unwanted books. In 1 year alone, Wob saved around 26,000 tonnes of new paper going into production – this is the equivalent of 450,000 trees!

Wob purchases significant volumes of waste and surplus books from charity shops throughout the UK and Ireland – boosting revenues for these good causes and saving them waste disposal costs. This business model now partners with around 4,000 shops across 600 charities. Books that can’t be resold are either sent to be recycled or donated to a variety of good causes across the UK as well as internationally."
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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