Wetherby Asset Management

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San Francisco,California,United States - 94104
Investment Advising
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249 Employees
Who We Are:
"When Wetherby was founded in 1990, the concept of independent investment advice was considered a novel proposition. The firm's founder, Deb Wetherby, wanted to create a new model that rewarded objectivity and results and eschewed the product and sales-driven culture present in most firms at that time. She made the decision to separate fees from investment recommendations, a novel idea that became the industry standard. Wetherby has no internal products and prides itself on offering objective investment advice to clients.

Growth of the firm has been centered on the founding values of independence, objectivity and exceptional client service. These tenets were especially crucial in Wetherby's early embrace of impact investing, enabling the firm to be flexible and respond to client demand for investments that could align their portfolio with their values. Wetherby is dedicated to ensuring these founding principles remain part of the firm's culture into the future thus our owners periodically offers key employees the opportunity to become owners of the business."
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What are we doing:
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