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Bristol,United Kingdom,United Kingdom-BS1 3AE
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249 Employees
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"Webgains is the smart affiliate marketing network and has been one of the leading international affiliate networks since 2005.

Today, over 1,850 customer programmes profit from the services of Webgains to deliver online sales worldwide. With partnerships of over 250,000 vetted and approved publishers, customers not only benefit from an extensive network of curated and GDPR compliant publishers; but also a smart approach and a highly motivated team with a work ethic to never stop learning.

By investing in talent and technology, multi-award winning Webgains has created the optimum blend of human and artificial intelligence. Webgains' AI and ML Power Suite includes features such as Affiliate Discovery, Product Discovery and Smart Commissions, to make smarter connections for advertisers and publishers alike.

The Webgains Academy sits at the heart of the business model to support professional development, leading by example and raising standards for the industry. Every endeavour is made to transform Webgains’ customers into market leaders and maximise their sales and ROI, while ensuring brand safety.

Webgains was acquired by the ad pepper group in 2006."
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What are we doing:
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