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London,City of London,United Kingdom - WC2R 1LA
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"Founded in 2008, Volans is a think tank and advisory firm operating globally to help business leaders make sense of the emerging future and address global challenges. We work with a select group of clients to unlock the potential of their organisation, create opportunities for market evolution, and design solutions ready to scale.
We are professional and objective, but we are not a neutral advisor. We challenge and question, leaning into – and helping our clients lean into – the future we see through our research work and inquiries. Our work always centres around strategic conversations to catalyse action. The process is bespoke to each engagement. Our client relationships are collaborative, and we choose to work with leadership teams with whom there is a mutual chemistry and a shared ambition. Volans became the first British company to certify as a B Corporation in 2013 and ranks top 20 in the 2021 FT Management Consultant Ratings for sustainability. Louise Kjellerup Roper is the CEO of Volans. A successful entrepreneur she has spent her career in innovative businesses, pioneering cradle-to-cradle and circular business models. Louise has reshaped Volans, launching thought leadership initiatives such as Tomorrow's Capitalism Inquiry and Bankers For NetZero initiative.

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What are we doing:
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