Vigilance Properties Ltd

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London,City of Westminster,United Kingdom-SW1W 9LT
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249 Employees
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Vigilance provides SECURITY WITH INTEGRITY. A full service licensed security firm, it delivers highly compliant security blended with latest technologies. Operations are orientated by a sophisticated risk mitigation system developed by in-house experts, and recognised by leading insurers. Services include: guarding, innovative ‘security in residence’, close protection, physical ‘security fundamentals’, and risk consultancy. Vigilance serves clients from global corporations to private individuals seeking high degrees of quality, dependability and value. Founded by veterans as a social enterprise, its heritage directs its ethos of MILITARY PROFESSIONALISM. This firm is a community, a family holding ETHICAL VALUES and people as its keystone. Vigilance is PROUD TO PROTECT stakeholders, and assure the welfare of all it impacts. The company pursues an ambitious agenda ensuring environmental responsibility, sustainability and transparent governance. Vigilance’s veterans support is recognised by the Defence ERS Gold Award, while its longstanding charity partnership builds schools and sanitation projects in Nepal. This B Corp commitment enshrines Vigilance’s determination to serve, while leaving the lightest possible footprint wherever it treads.
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What are we doing:
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