Two Dudes Painting Company

Where you'll find us:
Lancaster,Pennsylvania,United States - 17603
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Company Size:
249 Employees
Who We Are:
"Two Dudes Painting Company has been redefining painting services since 1987 with their commitment to their craft and community. Completing high quality work with great customer service in an efficient manner has made them a highly sought after contractor in both residential and commercial settings. Highly skilled craftsmen complete everything from residential projects, large scale commercial and institutional projects, to historic restorations, custom specialty finishes, murals and hand painted signs.

What began as two young dudes and an old VW bus over 29 years ago, has evolved into a full service professional painting company. Founded on the basic principles of honesty, quality and customer service, Two Dudes began and continues to have a pure and honest intent to provide value and benefit to their clients and employees. With a current staff of more than 45 employees and a 13,000 square foot office and work space in downtown Lancaster, PA, Two Dudes serves clients all over South Central Pennsylvania."
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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