Totum Partners

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London,City of London,United Kingdom-EC2V 5BR
Other Professional, Scientific & Tech
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49 Employees
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"Totum is unparalleled at matching the best business services talent into the professional services sector, including law firms and accountancy practices, real estate and property consultancy companies, management consultancy firms, architects, construction and engineering businesses, technology solution providers and those that provide business research services to the professional services sector. This means that Totum has long supported firms to build and enhance traditional functions such as Business Development and Marketing, HR, IT and Finance. But we have also helped to create and develop teams across other functions too, including in areas like Operations, Business Analysis, Knowledge Management, Risk and Compliance, Project Management, Practice and Business Management, Technology, Transformation and Change. We work on placements at all levels of seniority and with firms large and small across the UK, as well as internationally.

Our expertise - developed at some of the world’s leading law and professional services firms, and coupled with decades of unrivalled experience in this specialist field - means we truly understand the distinct and dynamic needs of the firms for whom we resource.

At Totum, we are focused on using our unique perspective on both the legal and profe"
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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