The Social Change Agency

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London,City of London,United Kingdom - N1 9QW
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49 Employees
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"The Social Change Agency delivers strategic consulting, providing the methods and tools to develop and deliver systemic change. They provide training and coaching, developing the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to make change happen and they facilitate cross-sector collaboration, bringing unusual partners together to create projects and events that make a real difference.

They incubate new products that help create a systemic shift in the way people approach social change, like and run events like

The Social Change Agency knows that creating social impact is a complex process. They use systems thinking as the basis of their methodology, believing that if you want to address complexity, systemic change is a more powerful process for long term impact. When they work systemically, they map out the system, all of its component parts and all the seen and unseen aspects of it, even before they start to think about the next steps. They know that the smallest individual action can result in a big systems change and they understand how to achieve both. Everyone has a part to play in achieving this which is why they consider individuals as important parts of systems."
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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