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London,London Borough of Camden,United Kingdom -WC1V 6HG
Other Professional, Scientific & Tech
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49 Employees
Who We Are:
"Society is a global executive search firm. We solve recruitment challenges for responsible businesses and purpose-driven organisations on a retained basis.

Our mission is to bring about positive change around the world by placing exceptional people into meaningful roles within good organisations.

From our offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, and New Zealand, we handle appointments based all over the world. Our clients come from a range of different industries and niches across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. We work broadly across many different functional areas, tackling everything from CEO and Board-level appointments, through to mid-level roles, and programmes of recruitment resulting from expansion or restructure.

Society is a signatory of the Voluntary Code of Conduct for Executive Search Firms. We are passionate supporters of equality of opportunity, and genuine believers in the value and importance of diversity. 10% of our profits go towards funding the work of The Society Foundation, an independent charity dedicated to tackling issues of workforce inclusion."
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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