Seetec Business Technology Centre Limited

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Hockley,Essex,United Kingdom - SS5 4RG
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1000 Employees
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"Customers are at the heart of SeetecÕs delivery to ensure that their needs are met. These needs are often multi-faceted and require innovative and integrated solutions drawing upon different service areas of the company. Seetec takes a collaborative approach by working with many different partners and supply chains, employers and commissioners. In doing this Seetec inspires individuals to aspire to something better. Seetec empowers individuals to achieve and supports them: to sustain in employment, on an Apprenticeship or a qualification, to make a lifestyle change or to lead a crime free life. Seetec helps individuals to advance and progress, allowing them to make real life changes for themselves, their families and the communities in which they live Ð Seetec supports their ambition.

Seetec believes that private companies hold positions of responsibility within society and are a considerable force for good in tackling difficult and complex problems. As a company they respect and value others; they empower people to take ownership and achieve; they support and encourage; they are open and honest; they work collaboratively."
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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