Secret Linen Store

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Bognor Regis,England,United Kingdom-PO22 9FE
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49 Employees
Who We Are:
"Secret Linen Store is a British, family-owned, female-founded online retailer specialising in bedroom textiles. They have a passion for finding fabulous fabrics for bedrooms, offering a wide and colourful range of bedding, curtains, nightwear, and towels.
Founded by sisters Molly and Harriet, they are dedicated to honesty, transparency, along with style, and comfort. Secret Linen Store prioritises fair wages and invests heavily in creating a positive and enriching work environment for its employees. They have developed long-standing relationships with their suppliers in Portugal and the UK, collaborating closely on manufacturing processes, packaging, and waste-management. This ensures that their products are ethically made, durable, and have minimal impact on the planet.
In addition to their commitment to ethical practices, Secret Linen Store provides financial support to selected charities on a monthly basis and actively encourages staff volunteering. They have also been investing in offsetting their operational carbon footprint for the past three years and remain committed to doing so in the future. Secret Linen Store looks forward to a future where everyone can enjoy a great night’s sleep in very comfortable beds, whilst also having a clear conscience. Is it bedtime yet?"
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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