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Bristol,City of Bristol,United Kingdom-BS1 1LT
Management consultant - nonprofits
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49 Employees
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"Recruit UK have been recruiting professionals across the Financial Service profession for over 15 years. Their key market has been Financial Planning and they have helped to pioneer the profession with the help of their careers podcast and thought-leading brand, The Financial Planner Life.

They are committed to making a positive impact to people, the planet and the community by helping their clients hire the best talent, alongside facilitating candidates to achieve their career goals. One of their main focuses is directed at mental health and well-being within the Recruitment and Financial Planning professions and continued action towards social and environmental issues.

Down to Earth Recruitment is also a trading name under Recruit UK. Down to Earth or, D2e Recruitment, is known for being a boutique recruitment company, with a focus on renewable energy, smart city, and mobility industries. D2e Recruitment has developed The Greener Tech podcast which showcases and champions green tech start-up companies that are trying to promote sustainability across cities and achieve zero-emission mobility in the UK.

Recruit UK as a whole has the aim to deliver mindful recruitment for people and the planet."
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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