Pure Strategies, Inc.

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Gloucester,Massachusetts,United States - 1930
Environmental Consulting
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49 Employees
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"Pure Strategies is a sustainability consulting firm empowering brands and retailers to realize meaningful environmental and social improvement.

Since Bob Kerr and Tim Greiner founded Pure Strategies in 1998, our team of experts has provided customized sustainability solutions to help our clients build sustainability strategies and programs, set sustainability goals, create sustainable supply chains, and optimize products and sustainable packaging.

From our early projects, such as assessing Stonyfield Farm’s first carbon footprint, to our latest projects, our work helps deliver business benefits to our clients while also realizing sustainability goals. Some of our recent projects include:

Seventh Generation: establishing the sustainability strategy and goals
Ben & Jerry’s: developing science-based targets for climate
Walmart: creating a sustainable packaging strategy and implementation tools
Ahold Delhaize: helping develop and implement a sustainable chemistry program
We also support broader industry change through publishing original research and articles that provide insights on corporate sustainability issues and best practices in sustainable agriculture, sustainable sourcing, sustainable packaging, sustainable chemistry and more. For example, we co-founded the first ev"
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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