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London,London Borough of Camden,United Kingdom - WC2B 5LR
Other Professional, Scientific & Tech
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249 Employees
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"Prospectus is a specialist recruitment consultancy, recruitment advertising and design agency that has worked exclusively with the beyond profit sector for over 60 years. We bring a deep commitment to building inclusive organisations and are passionate about equity and contributing to solutions that drive impact and change. We achieve this by supporting careers, connecting talented leaders to organisations through our expert research and consultant team.

We work across all areas of recruitment for the beyond profit sector, from Executive Search requirements for senior positions, to fundraising, operational and frontline staff working at the forefront of some of the biggest charities in the UK and worldwide.

What makes us unique, and is essential to Prospectus’ culture and our success, is our non-commission salary policy. This means our consultants genuinely collaborate to the benefit of clients and candidates alike, sharing their knowledge, experience and extensive individual networks across the not for profit, public and private sectors."
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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