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JESI,Marche,Italy - 60035
Fabricated Metal Products
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49 Employees
Who We Are:
"Paradisi srl was founded in 1957 and manufactures precision turned components, handles, dials and accessories for the white goods sector. For many years now, the company has been expanding into new markets and sectors. Thanks to automatic turning and the quality of its machining operations, it is able to satisfy all the requests received from other sectors as well, in particular those received from the automotive, electromechanical and automation sectors.

It loves to work in close contact with its customers throughout the finished product definition process, from drawings to creation of prototypes, thus ensuring a result that is in line with the highest expectations. Quality, which is one of the company's competitive factors along with precision and service, is guaranteed throughout the process.

Paradisi works in symbiosis with the needs of its customers, but also with those of its workers. The Company takes great pains to ensure that the working environment is always attractive: safe, stimulating and motivating. Paradisi is deeply rooted within its area, and is proud not only to be an Italian company, but one that was born and ""brought up"" in the Marche region and that helps to make the area around it a better place."
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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