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Manchester,Manchester,United Kingdom-M2 3NX
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49 Employees
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Pagoda Projects works exclusively with universities and government bodies. We build strategic partnerships to embed internships as part of universities’ curricula and global mobility strategies. Our award-winning internships take place online and in-person, across a wide range of sectors and global destinations. We are ethical, carbon conscious and passionate about making better employability and employment outcomes possible for people from all backgrounds. We work with 50+ universities, delivering positive outcomes for students, institutions and businesses across 45 sectors and 26 countries. Building our internships into undergraduate and postgraduate courses has a proven financial return on investment for institutions and a positive impact on student experience. Our blended online/in-person Sustainable Global Experience programme is the first of its kind to embed Carbon Literacy Training and was highly commended in the Sustainability Global Impact category of the 2022 PIEoneer Awards for leaders in international education.
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What are we doing:
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