Outfly Innovation Ltd

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London,United Kingdom,United Kingdom-E3 2XN
Advertising & Market Research
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49 Employees
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Outfly is an acceleration agency that's changing the way the client/agency relationship works, for good. Born in East London in 2010, their mission is to create a world where innovative, impactful ideas have easy and fair access to design, investment and growth. From brand and product to growth and fundraising, Outfly's unique model supplies founders with top tier design, pre-investment; making term sheets fairer, increasing valuations, and accelerating their startup's impact. They partner with clients from the start of their journey, and have so far helped 100+ purpose-driven organisations to fly further, faster and fairer. Whether they're veganising fast food, supporting digitally deprived areas, reducing violence against women and girls or creating a circular economy for soft plastics, every client must first pass the 'Value Vote' - in which the founders pitch their mission to the Outfly team. Through partnerships with organisations like Hatch Enterprise and Disability Rights UK, Outfly is passionate about increasing diversity in the startup sector, and will soon launch its own fund dedicated to helping founders from underrepresented backgrounds. Ultimately, working with Outfly means building a business to be proud of, with people who are as invested in your idea as you are.
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What are we doing:
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