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San Francisco,California,United States - 94111
Food Products
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999 Employees
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"OLLY seeks to disrupt the vitamin and nutrition aisle with delicious products that are as delightful as they are good for you. They built their company around the belief that the foundation of happiness is good health, and that when you’re truly happy you’re at you best. They’ve made it their personal mission to help make it easier than ever for you to make healthy choices, with nutrition made delightfully easy.

They have an entire line of delicious, benefit driven gummy supplements tailored to just about any unique need one might have, along with a range of daily multivitamins for all, that make taking your vitamins anything but a chore.

Their mission to delight with healthy nutrition didn’t stop in the vitamin aisle. They brought their innovation to protein with a line of plant-based protein powders that are unexpectedly tasty. Most recently they launched a line of delicious, plant-based protein bars made with real food nutrition like rolled oats, chia and flax seeds for indulgently nutritious snacking."
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What are we doing:
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