Nice and Serious

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London,London Borough of Tower Hamlets,United Kingdom - E1 1EW
Arts & Entertainment
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49 Employees
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"Nice and Serious makes creative work the world needs. They're a creative agency crafting award-winning brands, campaigns and content for purpose-driven businesses like innocent, Ben & Jerry’s, IKEA, Unilever and Co-op.

They believe the creative industry has a remarkable power to create change. But let's be real – right now, it's not doing us any favours. It creates false needs and fake desires. The world doesn’t need more of the same. It needs us to draw a line in the sand, and back the people and businesses fixing things. It needs us to change minds, and make people demand better. As a creative agency with real purpose, they do just that. So the world can get what it really needs.

If you want to find out how creativity can help your business have a serious impact, they want to hear from you."
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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