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Melbourne,Victoria,Australia - 3121
Software Publishing And SaaS Platforms
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49 Employees
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"We believe the right connection can change your life. At Mentorloop, we’re making these connections accessible. We believe the best personal & professional growth is achieved through human connection, knowledge exchange, and shared experiences.

So we created a cloud-based mentoring software platform that enables organisations to match their people into effective mentorships at any scale.

We are a team of mentoring advoc
For mentoring program coordinators Mentorloop makes it easier to build and scale a program up from 100 to 1000s of participants, and with transparent reporting Mentorloop increases accountability and optimises the ROI of a mentoring program. For our end users (mentors and mentees) Mentorloop facilitates connections, improves communication, allows for more efficient knowledge sharing and ultimately improves productivity.

Mentorloop takes the admin burden out of setting up mentoring programs, so clients can concentrate on the important things - people and relationships. Set-up on Mentorloop requires no integration, and minimal training, so clients can be onboarding their users in five minutes.

Mentorloop seeks to change peoples lives for the better through making mentoring more accessible for more people regardless of their location or professional status."
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What are we doing:
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