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London,City of Westminster,United Kingdom-NW1 5QT
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49 Employees
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"LYMA is redefining the wellness industry. In 2018, the brand launched the world’s most advanced nutraceutical, shortly followed by the first FDA-cleared, clinic-grade skin laser approved for at-home use.

LYMA was founded in 2018 to help people look and feel their best. Founder, Lucy Goff, discovered the power of medical-grade supplement ingredients while recovering from serious illness, which sparked the idea for LYMA. The brand collaborated with industry experts and the world’s leading nutritional scientists, combining extensive R&D with the latest technological advances, to produce its evidence-based nutritional supplement. LYMA’s game-changing formula is the most scientifically validated nutraceutical ever produced, clinically proven to actively tackle inflammation - the root cause of ageing and disease. In 2020, LYMA created yet another industry first with the launch of its ground-breaking Laser - the world’s most powerful at-home skin rejuvenation device and the only laser suitable for all skin tones – a first for inclusive beauty. Using cold near infra-red 500mW laser technology, the LYMA Laser uniquely transforms skin from the base layer up, addressing more skin conditions than any other device on the market, including wrinkles, pigmentation, rosacea."
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What are we doing:
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