Low Carbon Limited

Where you'll find us:
London,City of Westminster,United Kingdom -SW1Y 5AD
Solar Panel Installation
Company Size:
249 Employees
Who We Are:
Low Carbon is a leading, privately-owned UK investment and asset management company, specialising in renewable energy with the aim of having a lasting and positive impact on climate change. In practice, this means responsible and innovative investment in renewable energy projects, a commitment to protecting the earth’s natural resources and dedication to creating a low-carbon future for all. Low Carbon’s vision and mission have remained unchanged since our formation. We strive daily to help shape and secure the health of our planet for future generations. We believe that such an ideal can only be realised though the urgent creation of clean, renewable energy at scale. To this end, Low Carbon has established the target of achieving net zero by 2030.
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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