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Woking,Surrey,United Kingdom-GU21 4PQ
Advertising & Market Research
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9 Employees
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"Liven Creative is a results-focused branding agency with a decade-long track record of delivering positive ROI and tangible benefits for ambitious clients in manufacturing, construction, technology, law, and horticulture.

Though each project is unique, our clients are united by a need to respond to significant and sometimes urgent change. We support them in overcoming their challenges by providing expertise across one or more of these specialisms: brand strategy, brand identity, brand activation, and brand aftercare.

We call our approach Deliberately Different Branding.

Deliberate: because we help clients build brands with intention. Not skin-deep or style for style’s sake, but constructed on a robust foundation of strategic insight and precisely crafted to be fit for purpose, attractive, memorable, and easy to implement.

Different: because establishing a clear and defensible position in the hearts and minds of stakeholders is the primary objective of branding. We increase awareness, inspire preference, and nurture loyalty by creating brands that are authentic to themselves, relevant and engaging to their audiences, and distinctive from their competitors.

Great results emanate from a working culture of collaboration, honesty, mutual respect and trust. We cultivate con"
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What are we doing:
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