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Bournemouth,Dorset,United Kingdom-BH1 1JN
Education & Training Services
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249 Employees
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learndirect Digital Group is made up of a series of EdTech companies, providing online qualifications across a range of industries. The business has been empowering individuals to reach the height of their potential for many years, using forward-thinking digital approaches. Its work is to help transform lives through flexible education made accessible to all. As the largest provider of online education, learndirect Digital Group incorporates a range of brands, including LEAP Academy, The Training Room, SmileWisdom, i-to-i, and Animal Courses Direct. Offering a breadth of qualifications under a range of industries, including fitness, dental nursing, healthcare, teaching, and animal care, enables learndirect to reach aspiring individuals of all backgrounds and passions. Not only that, but the online education business also provides a suite of academic qualifications, including A-Levels and GCSEs, Access to Higher Education Diplomas, and Degree Pathways, giving learners an opportunity to study towards a degree from home. The business places emphasis on putting its people first, and has helped more than 4.5 million individuals improve their skills, with a consistent learner satisfaction rate of 98%.
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What are we doing:
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