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Truro,Cornwall,United Kingdom - TR1 1QH
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"At Leap, as sustainable designers, web developers and change-makers, being a B Corp is in their blood.

They’ve run their business this way for nearly 20 years, from the beginning. And if there ever was another way to run a business, it never made any economic, practical or emotional sense to them, any more than it does now. In fact, it seems to them that the need for change has never been greater, that the impulse to work collectively for the greater good has never felt stronger.

And it’s because they believe in business done this way, and because they’re optimistic enough to think that business done better makes the world better, that they actively seek not just partnerships with other B Corps worldwide, but to communicate – with customers – the benefits of working together and with purpose. The more transparent this is in everything they do and say, the clearer they can be about the positive impacts they make.

Maybe one day all businesses will run this way. Until they are, those who know what they mean – and mean what they say – should work together to change the world, one job at a time."
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What are we doing:
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