KLH Sustainability Ltd

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London,London Borough of Hackney,United Kingdom -N1 6DD
Environmental Consulting
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9 Employees
Who We Are:
"At KLH, our mission is to accelerate change by making sustainability accessible to all. KLH Sustainability was founded in 2010 by Director, Kirsten Henson. We are a dynamic group of people who share the same passion. Our diversity comes from the
range of nationalities, sex, and hair colour of our small team.
Our team combines engineers, architects and social
scientists, all of whom hold masters degrees in
the sustainability field. So, we know the theory of
sustainability inside out, but what makes us a little
different from other consultants is that we combine this
theoretical knowledge with construction site experience.
We punch above our weight in terms of the scale of
projects and the type of clients we work with; 1500 zero
carbon homes on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park,
research and strategy work with The Crown Estate and
The Red Sea Project in Saudi Arabia which is a masterplan
the size of Belgium.
We get involved in everything from setting strategy and
research, capacity building with architects and engineers,
delivering on site sustainability with contractors, strategic
master planning advice, planning documentation,
technical analysis, sustainability reporting.
The range of projects and clients gives us a unique
insight into the build environment."
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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