KKP Holdings Ltd

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Durham,County Durham,United Kingdom-DH1 1ST
Personal Care Products
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49 Employees
Who We Are:
"Kans and Kandy Group, founded in 2000, operates three distinct divisions, each with a set of values steeped in the mission of our B Corp Certification.

We are leaders in the health & beauty discount and residual stock sector through our core operating business Kans and Kandy Wholesale. We are a trusted supply chain partner to the world's largest FMCG brands, working ethically and responsibly to provide sustainable solutions for obsolete stock.

Our growing property division, Kans and Kandy Property, owns a diverse portfolio of land and properties. We are particularly proud of our focus on working with tenants who are leading the way in eco and environmental projects, including the creation of sustainable energy and high-volume plastic recycling.

Our own personal values and beliefs drive the work of the Kans and Kandy Charitable Trust. Every year 10% of net profits are donated to the Trust to help projects both in our local communities and across the world.

We are committed to continuous improvement of the governance that shapes our values and we are dedicated to upholding the standards of a B Corp by supporting people and the planet."
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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