Just Coffee Cooperative

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Madison,Wisconsin,United States - 53704
Agricultural Processing
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49 Employees
Who We Are:
"Just Coffee, founded in 2001, developed out of a project with Mayan Zapatista coffee farmers in Chiapas, Mexico. The original LLC re-organized as a worker cooperative in 2006.
Just Coffee’s operating principal from the start was to demonstrate a model of fair trade that distributes the proceeds of production as equitably as possible along the supply chain, providing the raw-materials producers at the beginning of that chain a better return than under the existing fair-trade regime, while also setting a standard for transparency in the coffee industry. In pursuit of these goals, the cooperative has always purchased green coffee exclusively from grower coops, via a cooperative importer, and continues to make a priority of purveying through cooperative groceries, though the Madison-based roastery also distributes to large grocery chains, smaller independent stores and cafes, as well as online. Their current contracts with farmers, including the price paid per pound, are always publicly available online.
Just Coffee currently works with 15 grower coops in Latin America, Asia, and Africa, though it continues to re-tool its product-line to reduce as far as possible the travel distance / carbon footprint of its raw material. Although the pandemic has reduced direct contact with prod"
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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