Joelson LLP

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London,London Borough of Camden,United Kingdom -NW1 4DF
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249 Employees
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"Joelson is a partner led London law firm, passionate about helping founders, entrepreneurs, key decision makers, property owners and developers who love what they do, from their very first investment round through to exit, property transactions, disputes and employment issues. Joelson prides itself on long term client relationships, being trusted advisors to many of their clients.

Joelson is the go-to law firm for businesses operating in a range of sectors, including food & drink, real estate, technology, media, hospitality & leisure, retail & fashion, and media & publishing. The team at Joelson is entrepreneurial in spirit and they are a true problem solvers.

Joelson helps companies and individuals navigate growth either by acquisition or organically and provides a holistic service being able to advise on matters such as fundraising, IP, manufacturing agreements, employment issues, property conveyancing and all property transactions and disputes.

Being a responsible business is at the core of what Joelson does, recognizing the importance of creating a fair and equal working environment and ensuring that they operate ethically. This is why they place great emphasis on taking care of their employees and managing their social and environmental impact within the community."
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What are we doing:
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