Joanie Ltd

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Manchester,Manchester,United Kingdom-M12 6HS
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49 Employees
Who We Are:
"Joanie creates feel-good clothing with a nod to nostalgia, making everyday dressing a little more fun!
Since launching in 2016, the brand has strived to do things differently. With a deep-rooted love of vintage style, Joanie may look to the past for inspiration, but creating 'future vintage' is their aim.
In creating unique styles that don’t just follow the latest trends and with a focus on the principle of buying less but buying better, the natural progression from this conscious approach to design led Joanie down the path to becoming a more sustainable brand. They’re here to prove that responsible fashion can be fun!
Joanie loves creating clothes that make people happy. The small but mighty team has heaps of experience in bringing styles to life; designing and refining garments to ensure they feel great and fit well, as well as showing them off through joyful photography and cool campaigns. Not believing in style ‘rules’, the full collection is available in an inclusive size range.
Styles are ethically made by factories around the world with a lot of thought going into the design process, including the environmentally friendly fabrics chosen and the improvements being continually made within the supply chain, as well as efforts to reduce waste at every turn."
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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