Jasper Coffee

Where you'll find us:
Melbourne,Victoria,Australia - 3066
Food Products
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49 Employees
Who We Are:
"Jasper Coffee is dedicated to re-humanizing the coffee supply chain, and has formed strong relationships across the Coffee world in their exploration and adventure into the unknown. The company stocks Australia’s largest selection of Single Origin Beans, Blends, Fair Trade, Organic & Specialty Coffees, and accepts into their repertoire only coffees with distinctions of flavour, body, and aroma that satisfy the palate. However, Jasper Coffee’s business goes beyond coffee to include a selection of quality products, such as Drinking Chocolate, Sugar and Instant Coffee, all Certified Fair Trade and Organic.

Sustainability has always shaped Jasper Coffee’s business ethos. Decisions to roast shade grown coffees, use compostable packaging, drive Hybrid vehicles and develop the economic and social benefits we direct to producers, has manifested into the company achieving Organic, Fair Trade and Carbon Neutral Certifications. Jasper Coffee has continually strived to partner with coffee growers, through initiatives such as Fair Trade, the Cafe Femenino Project, and in partnership with World Vision Australia, helping farmers in the Kochore Project, HAMA Co-op Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia."
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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