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Sydney,New South Wales,Australia- 2150
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49 Employees
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"Intopia are a digital consultancy based in Australia, they are not your ordinary consultancy but one with a difference. They are change makers. They believe everyone has a right to inclusive digital experiences that enrich their lives. This is their purpose, their quest, the white rabbit they follow.

They do what they love and work with amazing people to help make the world more inclusive. They place the user, regardless of their ability, at the centre of everything they do. They work to break down the barriers, and make technology universally accessible. Intopia is a proud social enterprise committed to supporting the community. One of their key social commitments is to give 5% of all revenue to community and non-profit activities that support access, inclusion, and women in technology.

They work with socially progressive executives, managers, designers and developers who are looking to support an inclusive digital world and want to maximise their service delivery. These champions, from small to large organisations and state and federal government agencies, are the real heroes of the story. Intopia’s role is to be a trusted guide and advisor to help them create an inclusive digital world."
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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