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Paris,Île-de-France,France - 75008
Management Consultant For Profits
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49 Employees
Who We Are:
"Created in 2005, Imfusio currently employs 15 people. Their mission: help organizations of all types transform their management, their governance and their business model to generate a positive impact.

Imfusio bases its approach of transformation on 3 pillars :
* Strategic & systemic guidance
* Employees mobilization and engagement
* Impacts measurement and valuation

Their culture: co-build with meaningfulness and kindness.
As pioneering transformation experts, they work with their clients to transform their organization step by step and sustainably. They help develop and reinforce co-responsibility and autonomy within the organization itself.

Their approach: Transform organisations from the inside.
Guided by the values of trust and pleasure, their support is adapted to the complexity of the organizations and its stakeholders. More than just offers or methods, they propose an organic approach, involving all levels of the hierarchy.

Their purpose: revealing the heartbeat of organizations !

Imfusio is part of a committed ecosystem, activists, experts, pioneers… who all serve the same purpose : having a positive impact on society."
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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