Habitus Incorporated

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Boston,Massachusetts,United States - 2109
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9 Employees
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"Habitus Incorporated provides custom negotiation, communication and conflict management training, targeted coaching, and direct intervention via facilitation or mediation services for those seeking to achieve greater impact, profitability, fluency in interpersonal communication, and organizational efficiency.

The Habitus team includes conflict management consultants, highly skilled trainers, coaches and mediators who have worked all over the world with clients ranging from rural farming cooperatives to Ivy League Universities to executives at multinational corporations.

The Habitus methodology is to coach clients not just in how to negotiate and resolve difference more effectively but in how to make this new way of operating a part of how they do business every day. Their approach combines cutting edge research in the fields of behavioral economics, social psychology, and neuroscience to ensure that clients incorporate their new skills as habits that they can continue to employ successfully long after engagement ends."
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What are we doing:
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