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Santoña,Cantabria,Spain - 39740
Agricultural Processing
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999 Employees
Who We Are:
"Since 1950, Grupo Consorcio has worked tirelessly to fulfill their purpose of offering quality products to consumers, providing value to customers, through professional, ethical and socially responsible management, while providing future opportunities for people who do possible.

With a presence in 44 countries and the leader of the Spanish national market in northern bonito and anchovy for 10 years, they offer a wide range of seafood products through various reference brands in the market, both own and Consortium, Gran Reserva Consortium, Gran Gourmet and Campanal Consortium, as a distributor.

Their success and sustainable growth, with more than 850 employees in Spain and Peru, their firm commitment to quality and artisanal products is possible, whose purchase contributes to the development of a more responsible, conscious and sustainable production, consumption and society model , thanks to their efforts to incorporate high social and environmental standards and commitments of transparency and responsibility into their management."
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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