Freud Communications Limited

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London,London Borough of Camden,United Kingdom - W1T 1AL
Other Professional, Scientific & Tech
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999 Employees
Who We Are:
"freuds is a full services communications & public relations company, founded in 1985. With offices in London and New York, their specialists advise a wide range of clients across numerous sectors – delivering campaigns, building brands, managing reputations & fostering trust.

In their 35 year history, they have been driven by a commitment to social & environmental impact. Cause-based campaigns have always been a central component, pushing the boundaries of what communications can achieve to raise awareness & change behaviour.

This commitment has continued to evolve as they focus on aligning all of their work with the Global Goals. The world is facing an increasingly tight timeline to move towards a sustainable agenda with pressing climate deadlines, global crises & worsening environmental conditions. As a company, freuds has set itself a target to play a leading role in changing the paradigm. They are increasingly aligning their clients & organisations of all types to rise to the challenge of meeting the Goals and to turning the 2020s into a ‘decade of delivery’ on the path to achieving them.
In 2020 & beyond, they will endeavour to continue their mission and work in partnership with clients & stakeholders to let the Global Goals for Sustainable Development lead & guide them."
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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