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London,London,United Kingdom - E14 6RN
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49 Employees
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"Fluid IT was launched in 2005 to bring transparent, trustworthy and reliable IT services to charities and social impact organizations. These organizations who were doing the most for society were very often spending a lot of money to little effect, presenting a clear opportunity to really transform their operations and impact.

Within a week of starting the company, the remit grew to include the retraining of individuals coming from homelessness, prison, rehab or youth engagement schemes by providing them on-the-job training and opportunities.

The goal from the outset was to build a self-sufficient framework of creating these training and employment opportunities, without relying on funding from other sources. We wanted to grow the business activities to accomplish this and it was always a challenge to keep that integrated with the twin goal of social impact."
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What are we doing:
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