ExoCubes s.r.o.

Where you'll find us:
V Sareckem Udoli 2793/39, Prague, Czech Republic
Manufacturing, Retail or Wholesale, Information & Communication, Transportation & Storage, Financial & Insurance, Professional or Scientific Services & Education
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2 Employees
Who We Are:
ExoCubes and its associated partner WhitewaterTx, provide organisations the opportunity to become ESG compliant through formulating and implementing Transformation capabilities and Skills development.

We help you to create and align your Vision from Board Level throughout the organisation to Shop floor level, build your internal Transformational Muscle using our award winning tools and methodologies and guide you through a successful implementation.

Our +90% success rate and 1/3 lower cost to company than traditional consultants, gives us the confidence of delivering real value across most industries and sectors.
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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