E Co.

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London,London Borough of Southwark,United Kingdom -SE1 9RS
Environmental Consulting
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49 Employees
Who We Are:
"E Co. is a London-based consultancy, uniquely specialised in the design and formulation of low-carbon, climate-resilient projects and programmes. Their team of specialist consultants work closely on projects with international governments, multilateral development banks and local communities across Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia. Through multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral market assessments, strategy development and project formulation, their work has mobilised over USD $1 billion of climate finance from global climate funds, including the Green Climate Fund, Global Environment Facility and the Adaptation Fund.

To complement their consulting work, E Co. provides international training and capacity-building courses, for public and private sector institutions, with an aim to further global skills and understanding of international finance mechanisms and how to access them. They also publish regular reports, videos and produce webinars, analysing the developments of global finance mechanisms, specifically the Green Climate Fund."
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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