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Bristol,City of Bristol,United Kingdom-BS1 6BX
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9 Employees
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"Our purpose is to pioneer the 'conscious recruitment' mindset: putting people, planet and progress first. We pledged to give back 3% of sales to charity before we even made a penny. Profit is our oxygen, but it’s not the reason we’re alive.

Our mission is to inspire change, create value, and support growth for all stakeholders... one placement at a time. By all stakeholders, we don’t just mean our customers and shareholders, but also our employees, our suppliers, our community, and the environment.

It’s not just what we do that counts, it’s how we think and how we plan our future. Not just for candidates and clients but our own social responsibility. We care about who we place, so aftercare is important to us to ensure people are happy in their role. It’s not a transaction, It’s a relationship. We’re here to change the narrative.

► Conscious...
Consciously doing all we can for our stakeholders, from customers and employees through to suppliers, community, and the environment.

Being future conscious and aware of how our actions affect people and the planet. Making a meaningful impact and creating a better future.

► Recruitment...
Finance & Accounting experts, finding permanent and interim talent at all levels from Management Accountants to CFOs. We’re an extension of you"
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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