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Amsterdam,North Holland,Netherlands The - 1097 DM
Management Consultant For Profits
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"Contributing to sustainable breakthroughs is what motivates Copper8. Realizing ambitious sustainable projects requires a different way of working, a different way of collaborating and a new business model. Copper8 helps organizations achieve ambitious sustainability projects within tight financial budgets.

Collaboration between value chain partners is often key in creating breakthroughs. Copper8 initiates and facilitates the connection between different disciplines, allowing sustainable innovations to develop. Copper8 helps organizations build necessary organizational structures and partnerships, and secure the resulting collaborative thought in business models and contracts. In combining the softer aspects of collaboration with the performance indicators and financial requirements of all parties involved, it is ensured that the projects are supported by the C-suite.

With passion and drive, Copper8 works together with their clients to organize and realize ambitious projects. A clear focus is set on the manufacturing industry, in order to make the impact truly visible. Copper8 initiates, facilitates and secures both radically sustainable as well as circular economy projects."
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What are we doing:
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