Cooperative Coffees, Inc

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Americus,Georgia,United States - 31709
Food Products
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9 Employees
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"Cooperative Coffees exists to import high-quality, organic green coffee from small-scale farmer organizations to build long-term relationships and foster fair, transparent, and equitable trading practices. Their goal is to make coffee-growing a sustainable and beneficial endeavor for farmer families and their communities.

Cooperative Coffees was founded in 1999 with a desire to make a positive change in the world of coffee. They created an innovative coffee importing system that fostered relationships with farmers as “partners in trade”, and they became the first roaster-owned, green coffee importing cooperative. Today Cooperative Coffees has 23 roaster members located throughout North America leveraging their voice and purchasing power.

Their Carbon, Climate and Coffee Initiative calculates and tracks Cooperative Coffees’ collective carbon footprint and contributes a corresponding financial offset, a “voluntary carbon tax”, to their producer-support fund, investing in projects in their producer partner communities.

Cooperative Coffees is more than a coffee importer. They seek to improve the livelihood of small-scale coffee farmers in Latin America, Africa and Asia, provide services to their members, and create connections that have regenerative and sustainable impact."
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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