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South Queensferry,Edinburgh,United Kingdom -EH7 6UL
Food Products
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9 Employees
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"Mothership Holdings comprises of 3 chocolate brands: COCO Chocolatier, OTHERLY and UP-UP. All 3 brands source their cocoa from Colombia with COCO Chocolatier and OTHERLY being single-origin while UP-UP is single-estate. A large amount of the chocolate production is completed in Colombia, meaning more wealth remains in the country of origin. The chocolate is then completed and packaged in South Queensferry, Scotland.

COCO Chocolatier is a canvas for artists and artisans alike. By partnering with different artists and designers to develop the chocolate packaging, the brand has created a distinct and clear visual identity. COCO is is where cocoa and creativity collide, with no compromise on style or substance.

OTHERLY is a plant-based chocolate brand, replacing milk with oat powder. OTHERLY consists of different OTHERLY worlds, inhabited by different characters, where no rules are followed and no logic can't be broken.

UP-UP is a challenger brand, with a clear mission of flipping the chocolate industry upside down by ensuring they know exactly how everyone in the cocoa supply chain is treated. UP-UP is the worlds first chocolate brand to be certified by UP-UP is great chocolate. No downside."
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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