Chia Pang Plastics

Where you'll find us:
Taichung,Taichung,Taiwan - 42859
Rubber & Plastics Products
Company Size:
49 Employees
Who We Are:
"Chia-Pang sells plasticizer-free CPVC pipes & accessories to achieve secondary pollution reduction for the enterprises, and to provide much more pure and clean water environment.

Chia-Pang prioritizes local purchasing in order to revive local economics and to create job opportunities. Chia-Pang's profit goes to support child education and under-served health-care institutions.

Chia-Pang, in 2016 made the pledge to evaluate the operational performance via 5 pillars : Partner value, Community contribution, Environmental sustainability, Corporate profit, and Industrial chain upgrade.Short term goal : Increase local impact to participate water-consumption, water-cleaning, and water-production three industries, to cover comprehensive water-utilization life.Mid term goal : Link with global platform, lower pollution, better the water-utilization environment for the under-served, and prepare human-beings for exploring outer space.Long term goal: Change the utilization and imagination to the water resource for the human-beings, bring a better tomorrow for the children."
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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