Charity Bank

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Tonbridge,Kent,United Kingdom - TB9 1BE
Deposit Bank Developed Markets
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249 Employees
Who We Are:
"Charity Bank is an ethical savings and loans bank with a mission to use money for good.

Charity Bank lends solely to charities, social enterprises and other organisations where the loan is for social purpose. Since 2002, it has used the money saved with it to provide over £170 million of loan finance to support organisations which are working to enrich and improve society.

Savings with Charity Bank become part of a social mission. They may be used to extend sports centres, increase access to education for excluded young people, open a safe house for victims of domestic violence, provide homes for those on low incomes or regenerate deprived areas of the country, as examples.

Charity Bank is entirely owned by charitable foundations, trusts and social purpose organisations. Charity Bank works in, and for, the social sector. Almost two-thirds of the projects financed by Charity Bank would not have gone ahead otherwise. Its loans support a wide range of organisations, including arts, community, education, environment, faith, health, housing, regeneration, social care and sports."
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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