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Thetford,Norfolk,United Kingdom - IP24 1JD
Management Consultant Nonprofits
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9 Employees
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"Cause4 champions disruptive philanthropy and new ways of scaling up charities and social enterprises supporting them to change and grow. A small team but with big ambition and a big heart, it’s not the size of project that matters to Cause4 but whether it can make an impact. Provoking change is at the heart of our mission.

Cause4 works in partnership with corporations, charities and people to develop important charitable projects, create new business models, as well as to raise vital funds. Learning lessons from the private sector to benefit not-for-profit organisations, since set up in May 2009, Cause4 has raised over £46 million for clients, and is committed to helping attract the best graduate talent to work on some of the world’s most pressing issues.

Cause4 wants charities and social enterprises to become more business-minded; and businesses and corporate leaders to become more socially-minded. They believe that if these two sectors can meet in the middle, then everyone will see the greatest possible innovation in addressing issues of social need and challenge, allowing for huge impact in addressing some of the most intractable social problems in the world today, at a global and local level."
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What are we doing:
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